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Gyra area is located on the northenmost part of Lefkada island, where the nature formed an interesting peninsula-like geographical shape with a shallow lagoon. Gyra beach is usually calm, with no winds & waves as it faces the main land. The Long Beach, creates an exclusive atmosphere where you can enjoy private moments together with your loved ones. One of the best features of Gyra area is the location and easy access, just few kilometers away from Lefkada town & direct access from the bridge (entrance of the island).

Lefkada Island

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and Lefkada island is the jewel of the Ionian sea. Lefkada, is known internationally for its breathtaking landscape and crystalline, turquoise waters. Long white beaches with turquoise waters combined with endless green scenery, traditional small villages, long hiking paths ending in magnificent views, Lefkada is an island for every taste. The connection to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge makes the island accessible at any time of the day. The capital of Lefkada, Lefkada town, with its vibrant summer buzz, its restaurants, bars, shops and its marina, is about 3km away. In the town you can enjoy the local hospitality by choosing to visit some of the many local restaurants, shop at the local shops or simply have a walk on the beautiful streets.

Lefkada Island


Lefkada, also known as Lefkas, is an island in the Ionian Sea with a rich and fascinating history. The island has been inhabited since ancient times and has been ruled by various civilizations, including the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French, and British. It was also an important cultural center during the Renaissance, with renowned artists and scholars such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo visiting the island. During the Ottoman rule in the 16th century, the island played a crucial role in the Greek War of Independence, with Lefkadians actively participating in the fight against the Turks. In 1864, Lefkada was incorporated into the modern Greek state. Today, visitors can still see evidence of Lefkada’s rich history through its architecture, museums, and cultural events. The island is home to numerous historical sites, such as ancient ruins and medieval castles, and its traditional villages provide a glimpse into the island’s past. The island’s unique blend of cultures and influences has helped shape its identity and continues to be celebrated by its people.

Lefkada Island


Lefkada island is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches with fine white sand. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports or simply relax and soak up the sun on the picturesque shores.

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Lefkada Island


By car
Connected to the mainland with a floating bridge, Lefkada is the only Ionian island which can be visited with a vehicle directly, without using a ferry. You can reach our beach house 3-5 minutes after crossing the bridge.

By air
The closest airport to Lefkada Island is Aktion airport in Preveza (PVK), located 20km away . In the summer season there are flights from all over Europe, including Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, Italy and many more.

By sea
Lefkada has ferry links from/to Kefalonia and Ithaca from Nydri’s and Vasiliki’s ports. The service frequency varies depending on the season. Also, you can reach Lefkada with private boats as there are plenty marinas around the island.

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