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Beaches in Lefkada Island

Agios Ioannis
This is the closest beach to the city, just a couple minutes away. A golden sandy beach, with turquoise waters.

Agios Ioannis Very popular beach due to its proximity to the town and the winds which attract a lot of windsurfers during the season. This beach offers a wide range of accommodations, cafes and windsurfing clubs

Porto katsiki One of the most beautiful & famous beaches of the island Located 40km southwest of the city of Lefkada. Long rocky beach,with white sand inside the turquoise waters, shaded by overhanging rocks in the morning.

Kathisma beach
Called the party beach, as there are several beach clubs located, which offers foods, drinks & parties! Located 14km east of the town, near the village of Agios Nikitas, The beach is wide and deep for over a kilometre with pebbles and sand on the shore and sand on the seabed. Organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sport facilities.

Milos beach
This beach is situated over the hill south of Agios Nikitas village . The Access is via a dirt track, 20 minutes walk from Agios Nikitas or a taxi boat . The beach is sandy and large, with the southern end, favoured by nudists. There are no facilities here.

This beach is situated 30km south of Lekfada Town. The beach appears to stretch for many kilometres. Hard to get, It is accessible via 300 steps down the cliff, but offers amazing views and wild beauty.

This is a very long sandy beach, situated north of the village Agios Nikitas, 10km from the capital. Easily accessible and very popular, part of the beach is organized & part of it not.

This beach is situated 9km north of Lefkada Town and it has become very popular in recent years despite it’s small size. The beach has soft white sand and cypress trees. It is organized with many beach bars / restaurants & hotels around

This popular tourist place which is situated 38km south of the capital city of Lefkada has a long pebble beach, famous for its perfect windsurfing and sailing conditions. In the surrounding area, one may find a wide range of accommodations, camping sites, taverns, shops, cafes and bars. A walk south along the coastal path will bring you to a small beach at Agiofili, where you can also reach by a taxi boat from the port. Vasiliki has a brad new port opened this year, from where you can get a ferry to the closest islands.

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